Our journey started when we took an internship to help improve a digital network called GoNatureTrip. It was a network consisting of small to medium sized businesses involved in tourism in Sweden. The idea was instead of building a “traditional” network, where the businesses build up their relationships through physical meetings, they wanted a “digital” network. A “digital” network eliminates the need for constant physical presence, instead businesses collaborate using digital tools, and able to work in a faster pace. A “digital” network isn’t bound by location or time. Businesses from different places in Sweden. far apart from each other, could build a successful relationship and they could sustain a conversation without worrying running out of time. However, the first step is to improve their website design and learn about digitalization.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.”

However, to build a “digital” network businesses have to digitalise and understand the process of digitalisation, Many of the businesses we worked with know that they have to digitalise, however, not many knew what it meant and what steps to take. They have been to digitalisation “courses” and received suggestions, but don’t know what is the next step. For example, they might get the advice, “You have to increase your digital presence”. However, what does that mean exactly? Does it mean to be on social media more?


We are more hands-on and help companies to become SMART with their website design process;

  • Specific (Clear defined goals).
  • Measurable (Meaningful goals).
  • Achievable (Reachable goals).
  • Relevant (Realistic goals).
  • Timely (Time-based goals).

We are simpler and faster. This idea of Digital Handyman started when we realized there was a gap for small to medium sized companies going digital after our experience working with them. We understand the challenges you face and we will be hands-on helping you on your digital journey, for example;

We can be flexible with time and place. We will give you practical solutions, and with the experience we have, we can help you maximize your resources by going through the digital process together. For this to work, we need to work together in order to move forward. There is no easy way.