My Digital Journey: Michael Li

I am currently an experienced freelancer working with digitalisation of small to medium sized businesses and institutions.

I see myself as a business focused web developer. Having worked with small to medium sized businesses, I understand the challenges they face to keep up with the digital evolution and its fast pace. It takes time and patience to undertand digitalisation. Even a small step, for exmaple, making a website or opening a Facebook page, counts towards digitalisation.


Time: Aug-Nov 2017

Company name: Daylight Husbilscenter AB

Company description: Rent and sale of motorhomes

Position: Internship, worked with GoNatureTrip network


  • Assessing websites’ quality 
  • Writing digital guides 
  • Restructuring
  • Building the digital network
  • Improving SEO ranking


Time: 2016 – now

Company description: A Medium sized VIP travel agency

Position: IT consultant


  • Constructed and maintained the website and social media
  • Created Excel voucher system
  • Provided IT architecture solutions
  • Responsible for their entire digitization process
  • Improving SEO ranking


Time: Autumn 2014

Company name: Huawei Technologies AB

Company description: Multinational networking, telecommunications equipment, and services company

Postition: Finance Department Assistant


  • Helped sorting local website backend database
  • Worked on finance dep. IT architecture
  • Sorted Purchase Orders from website and other businesses
  • Translated internal documents


I can help you with:

  • Website building and maintenance via WordPress etc. including coding
  • Text and image optimization, English, Swedish and Mandarin.
  • Google MyBusiness, Google Analytics, Search Console etc



Bachelors: IT Management at University of Warwick, UK

Masters: Digital Business at Jönköping University, Sweden