The digitalisation process is split into 4 stages, all focuses on the SMART goal. We offer service for each stage, or all 4 stages as a package deal.

We are more hands-on and help companies to become SMART;

  • Specific (Clear defined goals).
  • Measurable (Meaningful goals).
  • Achievable (Reachable goals).
  • Relevant (Realistic goals).
  • Timely (Time-based goals).

  1. Analyzing your website. 

    • We will analyze your website first. Due to the changing trends, a website built even one year ago may be outdated.
    • We will use our own rating system done manually to be more thorough.
    • We will find out:
      • What do you want to accomplish with your website and social media.
      • Why is some aspects are more important.
      • If you don’t have a website, we will also find out your preferences and needs.
  2. Building or maintaining your website.

    • We will help you to build or rebuild your website so it becomes modern, relevant and user friendly.
    • We will develop a realistic plan and budget.
    • This relates to the SMART goals.
      • Specific: We will build or maintain your website according to your needs and demands.
      • Measurable: Every step in our plan relates to an important aspect of a successful website.
      • Achievable:  We will define which resources are needed to maximize the outcome.
      • Relevant: We will help you to connect your digital goals with your other goals, so you get a holistic view on how digitalization fits in your agenda.
      • Timely: Time is precious, therefore we establish a reasonable timeframe. We will not drag this out into years long project.
  3. Getting to know Google

    • We could help you be become more visible in Google search results and maps using Google MyBusiness, as well as achieve a better SEO score.
    • Together, we set up a plan when advertising on Google.
    • We can get you understand to how Google works.
  4. Text and image Optimization

    • Writing a Search Optimized text is very different from writing a normal text. Not only does it include search engine preferred keywords, but also it has to have good readability for the customers as well. We could help you write such texts and improve your SEO ranking.
    • Not only do you need high quality pictures, but also attractive pictures to improve the quality of your website and give a better impression to the customers.