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WordPress Development

Are you looking to build a robust website? Do you want personal service throughout the process? Then look no further. WordPress is a powerful website system that more than hundreds of millions today are using for their website.

S.M.A.R.T Digital Presence

Digital presence is much more than having a good looking website. It is about how you exist on internet, your SEO, your content, your social media, Google MyBusiness and such. So, we came up with SMART Digital Presence.

Website Audit

Is your website up to standards? We will go through your website page by page, link by link, word by word manually. By visiting your website through different perspectives, we find out why problems exist and offer a practical solution.

Who Are We

Our journey started when we took an internship to help improve a digital network called GoNatureTrip. It is a digital network consisting of small to medium sized businesses involved in tourism in Sweden. Our mission to help businesses to become S.M.A.R.T was inspired by working with GoNatureTrip.


He has for many years helped me with my websites. It began as an "internship" and has developed into a deeper collaboration. Slowly but surely, we are a bunch of people moving digitally forward together. We now begin to see and collaborate digitally for real.
Michael writes really good copyright and SEO texts in English, tailor made for the tourism industry.
Michael is working on a new website for Ödevata. He does a fantastic job (though he doesn't get that much info from me). He knows Ödevata and he simply knows the market and he is a pro at what he does.

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To build your digital presence, it is important to understand digitalisation as a whole. Many of the companies we work with know that they need to digitize. But not many knew what it meant and what measures would be taken. They have been in digital “courses” and received suggestions, but never knew what the next step was.


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